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    I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, specializing in applied microeconomics, energy economics and development economics. My current projects focus on innovation and technology adoption, learning by doing, and shale gas production. I am on the job market during the 2016-2017 year. I will be attending the 2017 AEA/ASSA meetings in Chicago on January 6-8 and will be available for interviews.

  • Innovation, Learning and Spill-overs in the Shale Revolution - Job Market Paper

    MR Davies

    The development of the technique that produces oil or gas from shale formations has transformed the energy landscape in the US. It arose with the innovative efforts of one firm and spread throughout the oil and gas industry. I am able to observe learning-by-doing from the first experimental shale wells through early commercialization to broad adoption. I find that at the advent of shale gas production as the techniques were being developed, social learning is on the same order of magnitude as a firm?s own learning in terms of production per well. Given the high level of spillovers, why would firms invest in innovation if they wouldn't be able to capture the rents from their innovation? I find that the innovators were also early movers in the mineral rights leasing market, paying lower prices for mineral rights than later entrants. Additionally, I use k-fold validation to find a functional form that fits the data better than the usual log-log specification for learning by doing often used in the literature.

    Corporate Social Responsibility and Crowd-Out of Health Clinics: Evidence from Indonesia

    MR Davies & Margaret Triyana

    Ethnicity, Education and Social Capital in Bargaining Outcomes

    MR Davies

    The Tragedy of the Anticommons: Evidence from Mineral Rights Leasing

    MR Davies

  • Teaching

    Mathematical Methods for Public Policy: Algebra & Calculus

    TA for PPHA 30101 & 30102

    Instructor: John Boler & Masataka Harada

    Summer & Autumn 2010

    MPP level class

    Political Economy for Public Policy

    TA for 30800

    Instructor: Ethan Bueno de Mesquita

    Autumn 2011

    MPP level class


    Head TA

    Autumn 2012, 2013

    Coordinated work of 5 TAs and was first level of escalation for student issues

  • Selected Work experience

    Global experience in energy, environment and infrastructure

    Principal Consultant

    Superna Energy LLC

    • Chief Advisor to start-up $60MM waste-to-energy project in the Dominican Republic - laid out project road map, advised on land acquisition, fuel supply contracts, power purchase agreement, federal concession documents & project financing
    • Assessed 200+MW of wind projects in US for development and investment

    Energy Engineer

    Harza Engineering Company (now MWH Global)

    • Packaged hydropower projects to attract private investment resulting in project finance for 150 MW in China, Romania & Peru
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